The brightest building in Brussels

The Louise has been developed around four founding pillars – tech enabled, wellness, sustainability and quality. These have enabled the building to provide enviably high levels of compliance and standards. The certifications achieved match – and often exceed – those of any office development within the city. Every factor that can improve both living and working conditions has been planned and implemented. Whether manifest as full-service provision or fingertip control, the occupiers will enjoy every possible benefit.

The priorities of physical health and mental wellbeing in the workplace are paramount in the 21st Century. In every facet, the occupiers of The Louise will be enabled, empowered and in control of their environment in order to realise the best advantages for their people.

From air quality, light provision and clean energy supply to minimising any carbon impact down to zero, all elements that can positively influence human health have been woven into a balanced ecosystem. Simply put, there is no more enjoyable, enriching or stimulating setting in which to conduct business.

Tech Enabled

All the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services of The Louise are controlled by SMART technology. The combined effect reduces energy consumption to 90kw per square metre against its original form – a saving of more than 50%. This is equivalent to the typical energy consumption of 200 Belgian households in an entire year. All functionality is designed to be futureproof with the ability to incorporate further technologies as they evolve, so The Louise will stay at the forefront of future innovations.


High specification airflow and air quality systems will be fully integrated throughout. Circulation sensors will deliver exemplary ergonomic conditions on a constant basis, using advanced filtering together with CO² zonal monitoring. App technology will be used to control all tenant interface areas including, but not limited to, security access, parking, room bookings, mail collection, elevator operation, bike and e-mobility facilities

#1 Tech Enabled


The physical wellbeing and mental health of any occupant of The Louise is of paramount importance. The Louise is registered to pursue WELL Core Certification through the International WELL Building Institute™ at Platinum score level. To achieve this, a score of above 80% needs to be awarded across all criteria including air quality, thermal comfort, mental wellbeing and sound considerations. Evaluated through disciplined analysis and stringent verification, the Platinum score will stand as emphatic confirmation of PATRIZIA’s commitment to enhancing human health and wellbeing.


The communal services and amenities on the ground and lower floors are an inventory of life enhancing positivity. Extensive retail services and mixed-use facilities will greet arrivals at ground level. Dedicated cycle facilities with 190 spaces (and car parking) will be below ground. High-end changing, shower and locker room facilities will support commuters. These interior spaces are matched with external gardens and terraces, adding a welcome connection to nature.

#2 Wellness
International WELL Building
Institute Targetting Platinum


Sustainability is now fundamental for all concerned in Real Estate. Regarding The Louise, it is an imperative to create a positive legacy that minimises carbon impact, aligned to Paris Agreement 2030 protocols. An anticipated ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating underlines the building’s superb sustainability credentials. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) has been comprehensively met and Net Carbon Neutral is targeted. The EPC rating represents exceptional energy efficiency.


Retaining the superstructure of the original building enables an inherent carbon saving of 8,500 metric tonnes. The result is a 50% lower carbon footprint than for an average new build office of the same size. All stripped out material has been recycled where possible, saving a further 1,500 tonnes of carbon emissions. On the exterior, a new façade facilitates a resilient thermal system that significantly reduces the ‘U’ value, generating beneficial energy savings..


The roofs and terraces will harvest rainwater which is connected to the integral on-site water recycling system. Biodiversity is encouraged with an abundance of plant species and insect ‘hotels’. Inside the building, the design emphasis is on sustainable and nonporous materials. Environmentally responsible practice and extended use will contribute to greater cost efficiencies, both in real and planetary impact terms.

#3 Sustainability
Targetting Excellent

Quality Grade A

The materials used, construction practices undertaken and the application of technologies in redeveloping The Louise have been of the highest quality. The structural, mechanical and electrical specifications are all world-class.


All of the outstanding ratings emphasize PATRIZIA’s focus on people, the planet and the future in its approach. Above and beyond certifications, The Louise Grade ‘A’ status will be achieved by delivering the highest possible standards for commercial offices. For the occupiers within the building, the supreme quality will be immediately apparent with expansive ground floor experiences, nine metre triple height reception, views in to open landscaped gardens and flexible, column-free floorplates with floor to ceiling perimeter glazing. Air conditioning, destination control lifts, accommodating floor and ceiling voids, environmentally considerate finishes and exquisite fittings all add up to ensure The Louise is delivered to the standards and expectations of progressive, future thinking business.


The inclusion of Hotel Wielemans as a ‘clubhouse’ amenity for all occupiers provides a very welcome extra benefit. This adaptable home for businesses and individuals, facilitated by exceptional, on-site service levels will serve as a perfect springboard for success.

#4 Quality Grade A
Targetting Platinum

Creating a better tomorrow

PATRIZIA is constantly thinking about future potentials of the workspace. Critically, human habits, mindsets and the tools used are as important as the building fabric. Work Free signifies autonomy and ambition; Work Flexible draws in mobility and balance; Work Smart embraces choice and collaboration; Work Well focuses on health and sustainability. However, we do not see success in simply making lists or wishes, but in actually making each of these a reality.

The Louise is a building that puts people first. This redevelopment has re-imagined an iconic landmark building to suit how we all want to work now and in the future. Perfectly located in a renowned European hub of legal, financial, technical and government businesses, the building redefines the idea of space for commercial activity. In Tracy Brower’s words, it is a place that will ‘bring work to life by bringing life to work’.

The Covid legacy has blurred the boundaries between work, home and social environments indefinitely. By focusing on details that improve human experience – local, crafted materials, energy efficiency, radical design that attracts and delights – this building emphatically answers the very human demands for a more enlightened and open-minded approach to work. This is a building where business can excel and people can thrive.

People and place

The Louise is pioneering a building management ethos new to Brussels. The difference is defined by the level of service provision, quality of hospitality and the skilled individuals who work to deliver five-star experiences to occupiers and visitors alike. Whether front-of-house or behind-the-scenes, the dedicated concierge management team will put flesh and blood into the bricks, mortar, glass and gardens in which they serve.

Whether it is as a gardener, barista, yoga teacher or Hotel Wielemans waiter, the concierge management team is on hand to make The Louise come alive for all those that spend time there. Skilled practitioners, facilitators, guides and knowledgeable experts, their role is to amplify the positive possibilities of life across the estate,

through every interaction. While the building fabric represents a leading example of architectural design and ingenuity, it is the team’s active contribution and personal sense of responsibility that lift life and work at The Louise to another level. The care and consideration shown are ambassadorial and will continually set new standards.

The dispersed and diversified spaces of The Louise create havens in which to pause. Throughout the development, full BREAAM and ESG designed compliance contribute to a life enhancing atmosphere. The focus on health and well-being extends to service too, from the welcoming barista, to the roaming concierge, visiting yoga teacher and attentive staff of The Wielemans.


The abundance of plants and green spaces are both soothing and inspirational. Unique among Brussels buildings, life and work co-exist as equals, orchestrated in appealing harmony. Complete dedication to superb form has served to oxygenate the function of everyone in the building.


From bike care to electric car recharging and cappuccino, this is a living, breathing building, geared to your every need.