ESG Qualities

Carbon impact will be minimised throughout construction and will continue with the launch of the building’s operation. Clean air, full recycling capability, stringent waste-water management and the promotion of commuting that avoids pollution are all encompassed.

Net carbon neutral
85,000 tonnes of CO2 saving
through re-use of structural slab
Rain-water collection and
grey water recycling on site
High quality indoor air and
flow – filtering and CO2 zonal
monitoring etc
High quality
shower facilities
Integrated electric
mobility programme
Multiple biodiversity zones on
ground floor, podium and
terrace levels
Sustainable and
non-porous materials used
throughout interior design
Touchless technology
of MEP systems
Resilient thermal comfort
system and low U values
Community engagement in
design and City scape artwork
High degree of functional
adaption capability
Multiple wellness facilities
including flexible auditorium /
yoga and parenting rooms
SMART systems controlling
all building MEP services and
security functions